Tell not

​Tell not mama

Mama will hurt and scream

Scream to the heavens in tongues unkown

Unknown men rubbing of my virtue might be nice

Nice in respect to the reality i lived

Lived past that day but not the pain

Pain created from the heart that claimed to love

Love occassionly abused

Abused says my mind about my body

Body feels just fine as the damage is internal

Internal blows that cant be soothe away

Away from the heart that only desired to be loved

Loved not by the one who promised with the words I DO. 



He whispered “build a life with me”

Knees on the ground
Fingers holding up a band
The answer was already known to him
Yet tradition must be fulfilled
In a manner known as official

Tear drops on the band
A surprise was intended
One that will have them branded
Desires obviously different
No more label in sight
As the existing becomes previous

knees are up
Band on the ground
As he clenches to his chest
Wondering how he will explain to the crowd
That she made him believe 
Yes was the only option.

I truly do

The way I want to love you

Will set you tearing in joys unphantomed 

Am ready to show you true love in a flash

Make you understand that when I say I love you I mean much more that the words can carry

But how can I show you this when am not certain of getting same in return 

How can I be an angel to you when I have not been shown your heaven

I truly want to love you without a doubt but not so much if your love is not ready to be enough

Call me selfish, I will agree

Just note that when you have been hurt so many times

Caution is all you take before you can let the wall fall completely.


It’s real

​speaking of love

Forget the fairy tale 

Paint a picture of truth

At least that’s what I have been told

True love lives not in man

Today they love 

Tomorrow to hate they cling

Letting go in a breeze smiles unfaked
Am not too young to say it’s real

To proclaim it’s beauty and sweetness

My head might be in the clouds

Better there for heaven is up

I dream each day of love so true

Not cause it’s easy 

For happily ever after takes work

But cause I know

God won’t bring the word true love to our minds if it were nonexistent.
Shout out to those who are married and love each other truly and for those waiting like yours truly 😁 I pray we find that spouse God made specifically and perfectly for us. #trueloveexistsanditrocks #dontgiveuponitpleaseeeeeee


Other ways

​Am quiet

Words fail me not

My lips have no seal

Yet I speak nothing

Cause silence seems louder

Am quiet

Though my voice beats a trumpet 

And my cords never go weary 

Yet I stay mute

Cause Actions beats words

Yes Am quiet

Trying to give my tongue a rest

Why should I strain your ear drums

With tales of God’s goodness your eyes can behold.

NB. How best can one share a testimony without word?

For me I let my smile and Epic dance moves do the talking #loveGod


Dreamt too hard 

Dreamt too hard 

For my reality seemed void
All I wanted was love close and warm
But with each passing day
I felt your love a little bit less 
Don’t be a coward 
Let me know my fate
We walk together yet farther than ever

All I desired was true friendship 
The kind that leaves us naked
With no lies and secrets tucked away
U held back
Restraining with a Just a phrase
Making assertions that reeked of faded affections

Here comes the BOOM! 
Honey you pulled the trigger 
Now I bleed out and hurt
I see tear drops 
Without my permission
the eyes shed

Words speak our mind
Why settle for subtle 
Please rip the bandit and let it burn
I won’t be dead
I won’t be changed 
I will Just be a woman too good for you



Am only a child
With dreams beyond me

And fears far more

Yet I stand to fight
Ist rule of a gun fight bring a gun

Second rule bring friends with guns 

Am Nigerian my green blood don’t bleed 

We aim to conquer

Thrive amidst the hunger 

Learnt laughter soothes the pain

So crack our ribs to quench the taste
Indescribable I am

I Stagger but never fall

To shoot me down u need Zeus thunderbolt

For am Nigerian

And my heart beats nonstop 

For you

I could write a love poem for u
But it will sound so cliché

For all has been said

No more unique love words to use

Try saying one and see its true
I could buy a gift for you

Something worth all my piggy bank 

Yet it still wouldn’t do

For I will like to gift you the world

But it’s not for sale

Though if you could find the seller I will be the buyer. 
I could draw you a picture

A perfect depiction of my love

But that did be horrid 

Cause honey am no artist

For even my stickman tells me so

Though I did some few sketches

Trust me it will torture your eyes

So darling please lets rule out art
I could say for you a prayer

Yes I think that will do

Thousands pray for you

But that doesn’t matter 

For prayers are never too much

And one from a lovers heart 

Never passes God by. 


​Journey of No Return…

I have been here before,

I don’t know when but am quite certain

This path my feet has crossed 

Look at the scar,

It is evident I got it

When I crossed this dreadful path.

Here’s my blood shot eyes,

I hardly weep;but I wept

When I stepped my feet gingerly on that path

A path even angels fear to thread upon.
See my swollen face

An exhibition of a soul moaning,

From inhibited pleasures…

Crafted perhaps by the hands of Zeus 

Spreading its juice awaiting eruption

Alas! the bloody soul inhibits my livid flesh

No more delayed orgasm;

I dare to wish 

The mental masturbation goes on, escalating to an emotional climax!

Ohhhh!  When shall it become ?
If only I had not ventured

Uncrossed will be the path 

And the unfought shall be i

Now see what they have done to me!

Now I am broken and disheartened wary from the fight

the folly is thinking I would return This journey alive…
© Francis St Paul…

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