Carefree days 
The dance, the childish chuckle
Simple times with lofty dreams
Once it was all we tried to escape 
Now the rain holds memories 
For which we can’t help but want
Not the naive
Nor the constant thoughts of adulthood 
But the moments of having no fear
Being it all in a day
The indescribable joy of being a child
Dancing in d rain
With less worries of lightening 
And the panic struck race that comes when thunder greets
The child I was might frown
Not cause am grown 
But for the failure to remember 
That the ability to be it all still lives
The mind only plays tricks 
Setting limitations that ridicule our God
The child in me still lives
For I still dream and want it all
So the adult I am decided to walk
With God
He knows the paths better
©mionome #poemonly