Am beautiful not cause I have no scars
The run deep into my soul

So I weep and stand strong

For am beyond man’s cruel acts and thoughts

The wound healed slowly

As I peeled it open each moment it dried
Now am renouncing that me

The naive one who curled up on the sidewalk

Squirming as you ran over her like dogs

Seeing finally though the eyes of my maker

A beauty queen with bold curves

And an electrifying presence
Witness her the catapiller you thought 

Will never emerge a butterfly

Watch her emerse your eyes with her colourful wings

How wrong you were to write her off

How stupid you were to imagine her less

Life has just shown you

That which the bible foretold

The rejected stone shall be the corner stone
I take pride in her

Look at her smile through her eyes

See the tears build up

Adore her as she raises her hand in praise

To the one who wrote a story

And made her the Heroine