Minimax me with God

Carefree days 
The dance, the childish chuckle
Simple times with lofty dreams
Once it was all we tried to escape 
Now the rain holds memories 
For which we can’t help but want
Not the naive
Nor the constant thoughts of adulthood 
But the moments of having no fear
Being it all in a day
The indescribable joy of being a child
Dancing in d rain
With less worries of lightening 
And the panic struck race that comes when thunder greets
The child I was might frown
Not cause am grown 
But for the failure to remember 
That the ability to be it all still lives
The mind only plays tricks 
Setting limitations that ridicule our God
The child in me still lives
For I still dream and want it all
So the adult I am decided to walk
With God
He knows the paths better
©mionome #poemonly



Am beautiful not cause I have no scars
The run deep into my soul

So I weep and stand strong

For am beyond man’s cruel acts and thoughts

The wound healed slowly

As I peeled it open each moment it dried
Now am renouncing that me

The naive one who curled up on the sidewalk

Squirming as you ran over her like dogs

Seeing finally though the eyes of my maker

A beauty queen with bold curves

And an electrifying presence
Witness her the catapiller you thought 

Will never emerge a butterfly

Watch her emerse your eyes with her colourful wings

How wrong you were to write her off

How stupid you were to imagine her less

Life has just shown you

That which the bible foretold

The rejected stone shall be the corner stone
I take pride in her

Look at her smile through her eyes

See the tears build up

Adore her as she raises her hand in praise

To the one who wrote a story

And made her the Heroine

​Whisper with joy

Give me not a break 

Let your still voice be all i hear

I will get lost in your words

For long i tried to shut you out

But each battle was gladly lost
Do you ever find me difficult?

Sorry for every time i fought

Gave my senses to the flesh 

Regretted everytime i did and will rebel

For somehow i know i did go rogue again
If freewill werent such a thing

I believe u did cuff me and let loose the keys

Thank you for never letting go

Even though i left you hanging for too long
Sweet lover, sweet friend

Give me a hug and whisper those words

Lets make it right

Am sure it did work this time

Because HOLY SPIRIT i give u the keys to drive


​He is all she ever wanted

Her dream come true

Heaven ought to be real

For God has proved his existence
Love has taught me how to cry 

Made me a target with all daggers pointed to me

History has been wiped clean 

As you where sent to make me whole 

For your love has taught me to sour
Saying i choose to love you will be a lie

Fate singled you out just for me

Imanmi(my love) you are perfect 

A good description of God’s redeeming love for me
Look into my eyes you will see it all

A glow with a kiss from heaven

Thank you God for the man which my eyes sees

Has brought me great joy

And i believe he is one of your precious gifts to me

Last now is now

​This is me in the now

A Today my yesterday will call past

Dark skinned and shy

Good hearted and timid

I want to rule but the spotlight scares me

My mind is audacious just the mind

Indecisiveness limits

I should know it runs my world
This is me now

Staring into the mirror to behold 

A girl i lost when i was a child

Driven and articulate

Bold and Bright

I need to find her fast but the journey seems impossible

doubt restricts me

I should know it feasts on my thoughts
This is me now

A warrior with God as her guide

Fighting and winning

Queening and ruling

I became what HE told me to 

Nothing withholds me

I should know because nothing is greater than my God. 

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